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Posted on Tháng Chín 3rd, 2013 by vietflash.
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To All Visitors

* First, I really want to say thank you to all of you for visiting my websites and blogs. Then, I want to let you know about browser compatibility. Some of you already know different browsers – and even different versions of the same browser – you can see website differently. So what browser I already test for browser compatibility ? This is the list for this: – Internet Explorer 8 and up – Google Chrome – Firefox – Opera Other browser beside these, I think some of you can see it’s not working properly. The only thing I can say “sorry” ,( In some browsers my website looks awful and some things are not displayed properly or they’re not displayed at all )

* Second thing, how do I make my personal website ? – My old website install with PHP-Fusion management system – My blog created by WordPress and all the themes you see, they are free for download. I only edit some for Flash projects

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